big sausage teens for cash pizza

Friday, September 02, 2005

big sausage teens for cash pizza

Well so far I had refrained from bringing my private life onto my journal
because I don't use my lj to voice my personal thoughts, I never really have
done. However things are just getting out of hand now, and it looks like I am
going to have to get plain nasty to try and sort things out.

I've just got back from a holiday, which I didn't pay for, and it was my first
holiday in several years, apart from the occasional weekend away. I had a good
time but we had to cut the holiday short because of a lack of money, and the car
barely made it back before running out of petrol, so now I am worrying about how
I can get petrol to see my son at the weekend. My mum has offered to help but
there's no reasonable way she can get the money to me before I am supposed to be
there for Jacob. I will work it out some way. As I have in the past. The fact
that I have only seen Jacob once a week for the past couple of weeks doesn't
mean that is the only time I plan on seeing him in the future. Circumstances
change. Once I have a job I will have Teens For Cash money for petrol, and be able to visit
more often, and I can go pick him up and he can come stay overnight. Why anybody
would assume that I only want to see him once a week is beyond me, but then
nobody even asked me. Not that it is anything to do with anyone other than me
and Jacob. If I don't spend the time with him and be a part of his life then he
will resent me when he is older and it would be my own fault. Which again is
between me and Jacob when we ate our Big Sausage Pizza.


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